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Lifestyle of a retired professional go-getter...

This site represents the lifestyle of a large population of mature women like myself who have "retired" either from the rigors of building a family or retirement from a professional career or both.  Many women of the plus 50 age group live on somewhat moderate means. Careful planning of personal economies are often necessary.  This site is dedicated to tips and shared information encouraging older women to live our golden years while "rocking our age" and  pursuing our interests.

This website page and the associated posts to the blog deal with wardrobe and styling demands of  different roles that a plus 50 woman will usually manage in her lifestyle. The page will seek and offer advice to assure a woman that she will always have the "right" garments and accessories on hand; it will also share styling challenges these roles may pose; It will also offer suggestions for coping with all the practical styling challenges that a certain lifestyle may present, One such example will be how to accomplish what we desire within our budgeted resources. (time and money)  The site will lean heavily toward making the most out of what our lives have to offer; to "Rock Age"; to retain the vitality of our younger years.

I have posted my own personal pie chart and descriptions of the percentage of activities performed within my life style below.  Although many pie-charts may be very similar, every woman will have her own percentages and unique requirements.  The first step to determining an appropriate wardrobe begins with developing your personal chart and identifying the personal requirements for that lifestyle. It is clear that every woman needs to create her own personal "role" chart and plan her wardrobe accordingly.


Love What You Do;
Do What You Love....

Professional and Volunteer Activities

I suppose you could call me a "semi-professional"; Lord Perry Patterns is a mail order home based business that designs and develops patterns for 11 1/2-12 inch fashion dolls.  I can perform this work entirely at home in pajamas if I should so desire (providing I mail order all my supplies, etc.)  I do not need any public exposure except for the occasional doll show, etc. to maintain a "business" wardrobe.  (I also maintain a "work" schedule that varies from time to time where I have little or no activity at all. (Note:  I am doing little or no activity at all at this time, this entire activity makes no difference at all to my styling or wardrobe requirements)

The remainder of my activities are usually termed "at home" or leisure wear  with an occasional need for heavy duty clothing for grunge yard work, painting, or chores that will usually damange clothing.  Having said all that, I do NOT believe that leisure wear means a wardrobe contained of sweat pants, looslely fitted jeans or capris, etc.  It is very "doable" to have a fashionable and chic wardrobe that is both comfortable and appropriate for these activities; (almost all of the ensembles in my 'runways' are representative of this lifestyle).

it is always wise to remember that if a garment is not comfortable, it either does not fit properly, or it is made of a material that is not suitable for the weather, your skin type, or skin sensitivity.

Examples on this site will reflect an entire wardrobe that will transition to any activity.  With few exceptions, my lifestyle does not require more than a minimum quantity of "dress up" clothing.  The type of wardrobe will apply to many of the 50+ women that I know, and will become more factual with every succeeding decade.

What activities make up your personal lifestyle?  This site will offer the tools for a woman to determine her personal wardrobe needs for each of the activities that make up her life; it will suggest the ways, means,  and hows to meet them within her budget.  Each woman is encouraged to create her own personal fashion style; the style posting will be offering wardrobe tips to portray the desired vibrant and youthful fashion image.

​You can see this portion of my pie chart is about 30 %, requiring about 30% of my wardrobe to be suitable to performing these functions.

What would YOUR pie chart look like? What percentage of the chart (and your closet) needs to address these functions? 

Leisure and "At Home"

We garden, clean our own homes, take care of and or interact with our children grandchildren (if we have them, or can visit with them), attend exercise classes,   What kind of clothes do we need for each of these activities and how much do we want to (or can afford) to spend?

About 45% of my time is spent at my home or is concerned with my homelife, personal activities and general errands dealing with care of self and home and pets.  You may also notice that the wardrobe required for these activities is also suitable for the previous activities; i.e., 75% of my activities can be suitable accomplished with exactly the same wardrobe.

The remaining 25% of my time is spent on about 10% grunge work such as painting, cleaning an oven, yard work, etc. that requires clothing that can be ruined; the remaining 15% is spent on social events such as lunches with friends, dinners, club events, travel, etc.

Determining what percentages of activities make up one's lifestyle is the first step to building a functional wardrobe; planned appropriately, a woman can always have "the right thing to wear" and within her clothing budget.

Once again, each woman needs to determine how much of this chart encompasses her own activities and plan her wardrobe and closet space accordingly.

Social Events & Travel

Voila!!  Now that I know what percentage of my wardrobe has to serve each of the catagories within my pie chart I can plan what kind of clothing I need to keep (or purchase).  Based on my personal lifestyle pie chart, how many party dresses or business suits do you think I have in my closet?  (Actually, I do not have to purchase these items at all; all I have to do is make sure that I have a pair of dress pants or skirt with one all purpose coordinating blazer style jacket that can be  "dressed up" with accessories. (Some day I may limit myself that way, but for now I am having too much fun styling different ensembles.))

What kind of formal or "dress up" garments do you have in your closet?  Are you instantly  and stylishly prepared for whatever situation you encounter?  Do you have a 'travel capsule' that meets your travel needs?

This lifestyle area is one of the most commonly neglected and all too often a woman has "nothing to wear" and has to rush a purchase that may not be compatible with her wardrobe, budget, or fashion needs.  Closet curation each season will prevent such an event happening to you!!