Fitness Matters

In order to really "Rock Age:, a woman has to manage health issues. Let's face it; just like with any other item of value, our bodies require maintenance to remain in top shape (or any shape at all?)

Most women really find it easier to feel good about themselves and to live a full and rewarding life if they can maintain a reasonable level of good health.  For the purposes of this site, maintenance means managing diet, exercise, sleep, and stress.

It also means choosing the safest cosmetics and food additives we choose for our skin and put into our body.

What you put on your body is as important as what you put IN it

Weight Control

Fitness Factor #1

Managing weight is one of the most important gifts a woman can give to her well being, etc.

Healthy Managed Diet


I am an unabashed "nutritarian", a title coined by Dr. Joel Furman, a nationaly recognized doctor often viewed on PBS for his breakthrough dietary research.  He is also known for his "G-Bomb" diet composed of Greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, and berries.  This diet resembles much of the findings of Drs Mark Hyman, Steven Massey, and Robert Lustig, all of whose advice I believe in and have certainly found work for me.   Each of these doctors believe that appropriate nutrition is the key to "rocking age" by living a high quality life based on proper eating habits and exercise.  They limit or eliminate processed foods, refined sugar (actually, sugar in general), recommend a diet high in the "top 25" fruits, oils, and vegetables, limit or eliminate animal products, and avoid the "toxic twelve"  or "dirty dozen" foods.

Each of these doctors also believe that obesity an inflammation are the most serious health problems we face today, especially as seniors.  I discovered them on PBS almost four years ago, and I am a committed desciple of their philosophies and science.  The doctors also believe that added supplements, more intake of water, and avoidance of artificial food additives and modern chemical pollutents must be managed. I wholeheartedly agree. 
​Eat healthy food, organic if possible



Think Green!!

Fitness Factor #2


Aerobic exercise is generally acknowledged as being necessary to maintain good heart health and to keep an active motabalism.  Personal physical restrictions may prevent some of us "advanced age" women from doing all we might wish to do; consult your health professional for guidelines.

Keep Movin'

I am posting generalities about physical fitness.  I am not a health professional of any type.  The information I post here is my own personal opinion and not to be taken a health treatments, except in a general manner.  As always, consult your own personal health professional for physical, nutritional, and emotional medical advice. (YES, this is definitely a disclaimer!!)

Most of us know we need some form of exercise to maintain our physical health.  Most of us are also aware we need to have aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercises to maintain overall physical fitness.


I have read that many health care professionals believe maintaining muscle mass and health are the single largest factor in "rocking age". Strength training builds strong bones. Bone breakage is a major health hazard in the senior population, mostly as a result of weak bones.  Strength also presents a youthful image. Hmmn...I certainly make sure I do exercises three times a week.  I use the Jane Fonda "Fit and Strong" tapes I watch on You Tube, either with the exercise group at the club house, or on my personal television at home.  Strength training should always be done under supervision of your doctor


Flexability may not be the "most important" of the the three fields of physical fitness, but it certainly is true that mobility exercises aid in the prevention of accidents when doing exercises.  These exercises that focus on stretching, control, and fluidity are instrumental in appearing youthful and preventing muscle damage.  Balance is one of the most serious disadvantages seniors face as they age.  Exercise that deals with muscle control practiced as often as possible benefits our age group.  Consult your personal health professional for a script suitable to your personal needs.

Activity that equals 10,000 steps a day..include all three types of exercise during a weekly span (strength exercise usually requires a day of rest in between, aerobic every day, mobility every day, etc.  consult physician).

Fitness Factor #3

Allow enough time to get 8 hours . Sleep area distraction free, dark enough, cool enough, pet management, if necessary, etc.

Get your ZZZZs

When we were much younger, most of us could recover from a certain amount of abuse to our mind and body by staying up almost all night, splash a bit of cold water on our face, apply a little concealer to the bags (if any) under our eyes, etc. and go on with life; not so when we reach a '"certain age" ; cognitive decay as well as our looks are very much affected by lack of sleep.  Sleep disorders may be more prevelant than when we were younger.  Medical advice, more attention to pre-bed diet, avoidance of lighting (especially the blue lighting of electronic devices, and temperature control become much more important as we age.

Sleep, especially the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage is diminished in most people as we age.  It is vital we make time for sufficient sleep, provide the most effective sleep environment, and choose a diet that is most likely to aid in getting enough sleep.  After all, sleep is when our body is repaired.  As we age, we need more "repair" and it is also the time when it takes more of the body's resources to make the repairs.  Many experts believe that sleep is the single most important element of the health factors.

Fitness Factor #4

Diet and Exercise
Twenty minutes of sustained exercise is known to automatically reduce stress by release of the "feel good" endorphins generated within your body.  It is also known that a poor diet (high sugar, alchohol, smoking, and too much caffeine) will acerbate high anxiety.  Managing our diet can be very effective; a short burst of exercise when under stress can also be very beneficial.

Manage Stress

Do what you love; love what you do:  This expression somewhat says it all.  The very act of living will apply pressure of some degree to every lifestyle; learning how to make them as enjoyable as possible is one way to relieve much of the stress that may be involved; learning to avoid or at least manage often necessary but less than pleasant situations is another.

Although the above is true for almost everyone, no matter their sex or age, it can be most damaging to the older population.  Fortunately, the expression "older, but wiser" can be most effective.

All of the above is especially true during some part of the year, especially what is known as the "holiday" season; the weeks from the end of October until mid January. This is especially important because there is such a high mortality rate during this time of year-here is where the "older and wiser can come in very handy-It is also known that certain practices and routines can be very effective in most times of stress!


Meditation of any form is enormously effective in releasing feelings of stress.  It does not matter form you prefer; prayer, prayer beads, chanting, mindful meditation, cognitive re-framing, yoga breathing, etc.  What is important about meditation is a focus on positive rather than negative.  Self evaluation and positive conversations with "self" are beneficial.  It is OKAY to pat self on the back!!  


So relax!! Relaxing routine activity such as knitting, baking and other "hands on" focus tasks can help reduce stress levels.  Taking a "time out" for doing a task you enjoy without a time committment may be just what we need to re-charge our energy.  Although that break may seem too self indulgent, it usually can, and will, help you accomplish more, and in a less stressful environment.

​The relaxing, scented bath, candles, music, etc. all will help alleviate stress and make tasks more manageable.(maybe with a good book?) Just taking 20 minutes a day to sit quietly, re-charge.  Even better, have a cup of soothing tea.....
Avoiding "toxic" people; people who drain your energy; people who do not seem to want you to be healthy, happy, or otherwise better off than you are in their negativity or anger.
Toxic people can (and frequently do) generate "pity parties" that can easily affect physical, emotional, and psychological health.  There is a reason these people are called "toxic".

Fitness Factor #5

Friends, Family, the world

volunteer, work part time, get involved in causes, keep in touch with friends, family, make new friends,

Remain Engaged

Keeping in touch with the world is important to mental health...volunteer, work part time, get involved in causes, stroke your values, keep in touch with friends, family; make new friends to replace the departed, travel, indulge yourself by taking on new projects, etc...Each of these activities keep an involved senior citizen vibrant and vital.

Continue to exercise the brain cells by learning and involvement.  These activities stave off many symptoms of dementia and even Altzheimers.....whatever appeals to you, just DO it!!