RockMyAges is ALL about encourement for a woman to feel vibrant, confident, useful, and beautiful; all while being true to herself.  

About Me:

I am a retired information Systems woman with over 50 years of professional, operational, consulting, and management experience with both large (IBM, Motorola, Lockheed,) and small business enterprises.  I have also worked in banking and part time in retail sales.  Education in Organizational Psychology and Gerontology has been supplemented by a life long interest in the importance of appearance in both the business and social world;  more importantly in how our appearance affects the way we feel about ourselves and the messages we send to those with whom we interact.

I love the way fashion can make a woman feel wonderful about the way she presents herself; it is an area of her life over which she has complete control within her economic realities and health considerations.  I absolutely believe that EVERY woman can (and should) look wonderful.  EVERY woman sends a message as to how she feels about herself to whomever is in her line of sight; WHAT message she sends is usually under her control.
During my over 50 years in the capacity of professional working woman, much of it in management and mentoring, I discovered I enjoyed assisting young graduates and novice women entering the work force in choosing a functional wardrobe for appropriate business attire.  During these years I had the opportunity to learn from experts the value of this portion of Organizational Psychology (my primary educational focus) even though my employment was in financial and hi-technology companies.  I have tried to expand this interest and interact with other women with similar interests by blogging on how a woman can "Rock Her Age(s)"!