Monday, October 30, 2017


Geneva White


  1. Diane, Rocking Her Age
    14 Dec, 2017
    Diane, Rocking Her Age
    Most of my readers are aware that "RockMyAges" is dedicated to the ladies who live their lives as much as possible to the fullest extent; some in affluent circumstances; some more modest. The 50+ age group of women I choose to recognize all have the same things in common; almost all have families, suffered some tragedy in their lives, (death of loved ones, severe disabilities, etc.)  make the best of what life has dealt them, exhibit personal pride in their appearance, and are engaged in their
  2. Update on Ladies Who Rock 2016 and 2015
    07 Dec, 2017
    Update on Ladies Who Rock 2016 and 2015
    Before I introduce you to the remaining ladies of 2017 who "Rock their age", here is an update on the ladies of 2015 and 2016. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of them that they wish to have published. (ever notice that friends and family are the least willing to have their pictures published!) In 2015, I showcased TL, DB, JP, IA (initials, of course); these ladies I have know for many years; young adulthood, middle age, and our 'golden years'.  Each of these ladies overcame, or are still
  3. Frances, Rocking Her Age
    01 Dec, 2017
    Frances, Rocking Her Age
    One of the most remarkable women I have met this year is Frances Weller.  No, she is not a college student, although she has been mistaken for one; she is a middle aged woman with a son in college, and a wealth of nutrition and wellness information so important to facilitate 'rocking age'!!  It is our good fortune that she conducts a weekly class at our clubhouse.  To the left, you can see pictures of Frances leading the group and offering tips on how to manage stress in one's life. Frances
  4. Rocking the Holidays
    26 Nov, 2017
    Rocking the Holidays
    Yes, this is the same picture I posted last year; I love this outfit and I will be wearing it again.  Winter white is a wonderful color on so many of us women of a more advanced age. This week's post is covering two different subjects;  embracing our golden years with a continuing sense of style, and the ability to update a minimal wardrobe seasonally using a variety of small adjustments. My first subject introduces a wonderful example of a recent acquaintance I made at the local Trader Joe's
  5. Holiday Fitness
    15 Nov, 2017
    Holiday Fitness
    It is no secret that "rocking age" for any woman over fifty requires one to manage both physical and mental health issues to a far greater degree than when she was younger, especially during the holiday season.  We all may remember the ability to "cram" for a test all night then go to school/work the next day; many of us may remember being up all night with a sick baby and rising early to get the family ready for the day. (you may know the commercial about "mom's taking a sick day"; it just
  6. Fashion Doll Styling Role
    07 Nov, 2017
    Fashion Doll Styling Role
    Hacienda Valley held its annual Christmas boutique last Saturday; sales from the boutique benefit the local scrap-booking club and certain local Morgan Hill charities.  Obviously, my "role" for the past week (and for the next several days!!) was preparing my space and styling my fashion dolls. The cover picture to this post shows my table. (Sorry that some of the photos do not align properly, but the text should explain who is who) In addition to the patterns which I have designed for over 20
  7. Harmonic  Halloween....
    31 Oct, 2017
    Harmonic Halloween....
    Costumes for Halloween can be a bit tricky for "women of a certain age"; of course, there is always the traditional witch costume that so many of us eventually choose.  One problem with the witch costume is its suitability for the environment for "which" it is worn...(I couldn't resist that little play on words!) I wore the ensemble on the left yesterday to lead my styling class and demonstrate how a woman of any age could dress appropriately for professional work, yet attend a Halloween party
  8. Reviewing Role Styling
    25 Oct, 2017
    Reviewing Role Styling
    Compliments on my sense of style are always welcome; a neighbor stopped me on my way home from the gym this morning to tell me how much she admired my "always looking so nice and put together every time I see you".  Needless to say, that really gave my day a great start because a close look would disclose a very tired face as well as the lack of some of my most rudimentary cosmetics.  Although I just published a post a few weeks ago on my blog and my use of a "uniform" a few of her comments did
  9. Rockin' Re-Mix
    19 Oct, 2017
    Rockin' Re-Mix
    LOVE re-mix; the art of using existing clothes in my closet to wear totally new outfits! I actually created this ensemble using one of the photos I have in my personal style-book. (Sorry, I cannot post the picture because it is a professional photo from one of the fashion magazines).  Before I tear out any picture of an ensemble that I especially like, I mentally review the garments in my own closet to determine if I can create the same "look".  No problem here; I am wearing a similar jacket and